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Humminbird 597ci product review

If you are fishing for a living, or simply a hobby, then you will know how difficult it is to track down fish sometimes, even more frustrating when you simply cannot find them. This is why many people are turning to products such as the Humminbird 597ci to track down fish, it really does make the whole process that much easier.

humminbird 597When you purchase a Humminbird 597ci hd di, you will be supplied with both a full colour 5” display, as well as a down imaging sensor which will ensure that you are able to capture everything below your boat in vivid deal. In fact, this beam is so sensitive, it will be able to track all the way down to 70 feet, and even separate fish that are close as 2.5 inches apart. This really is one of the most unfair ways of fishing!

Coupled with the sensor, the hummingbird 597ci hd also makes use of a mapping system, which ensures that you are never going to lose your way whilst you are travelling that vast ocean.

There are two selectable beams for you to use when you buy a hummingbird 597. The first is the 20 degree beam which will check with high accuracy for fish and any structures within a close range. The second is the 50 degree beam which will check for them even further apart. You can use these on their own, but the real fun comes into play when you use them together. You will be able to see what is below you with clarity that has never been witnessed before.

When the sonar returns are very close together, you will be able to make use of the split screen zoom. This is highly beneficial as you will be able to view a zoomed portion of the sonar returns on one side of the screen, which means you will really be able to pick out what you need to find.

Spot something that could be of interest? Hit that freeze frame button and you will be able to inspect those submerged structures even closer. You will even be able to mark structures that could harbour fish.

One of the best features of the humminbird is the ‘selective fish ID+’ This is an advanced form of sonar processing. When very select requirements are met, a fish symbol will be displayed on the device, this means that you know it is time to get fishing! There are three different fish icons, so you know the sort of size fish that you are going to be dealing with. It truly does make fishing a breeze.

As many humminbird 597ci hd di reviews have pointed out, this is currently one of the most advanced fish finders out there on the market for those that are working to a bit of a budget. Despite the cheap price though, it is packed to the brim with features that you would normally only find on more expensive products.

You can order the humminbird 597 in almost any decent fishing store, or they should be able to order for you at least. The best option that you have though is to purchase it online, not only will you end up getting it in a quicker frame of time if you your local provider doesn’t stock it, but you could also make substantial savings on the price. Purchase a Hummingbird 597ci and those fish won’t have anywhere to hide!

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Humminbird fish finders